since the death of the Gay Porn Actor and Producer Timothy Chanaud. The stage name that made him famous was Andy Dill. He was born in Port Washington, New York and performed in more than 25 adult films including "There Goes the Neighborhood," "Packers," "Bustin' Ass," "Gay Dreams 2" and "Face Ryders."

He founded Dill Media, and was vice-president of production for Bear Films where he produced titles including "Bear Voyage 2- Rock the Boat," "My Bear Ass" and "Bears Will be Bears." Andy passed away in San Francisco, California in 2006 after a bout of meningitis.

During the height of his career he talked to OutUK about his career and gave us tips on how to word the best online ad to attract the man of your dreams.

It’s been a few years since I discovered the joys (and occasional misery) of meeting men online, writes Andy Dill pictured below. My first ad was heartfelt and a little funny, accompanied by a picture my dad took of me at the beach. I got good response but from many guys who just were not my type…and response fell off pretty quickly. I really had no idea what I was doing.

I’ve improved and even perfected my ads by now…and the result is a steady stream of hot men, just my type, who feel like they know me before we even meet.

I’ve re-created, discarded, re-worked and fine-tuned my ads many times as I’ve read through thousands of other ads which let me see exactly what to do and not to do.

Since part of my mission in my life as a sex worker and porn model is to educate guys on how to find and have better sex, I thought I’d distill some of the best ideas for improving an online contact ad.

Andy Dill: Porn star, sex worker and counsellor


I see it all the time: men whose ads say they’re tops but feature a great shot of their arse. Or a guy who says he’s looking for an LTR (that’s “long-term relationship”) but specifies how big a dick he’s looking for. The problem: the guys who wrote these ads don’t have a central message to communicate. They don’t have a story to tell. Decide what your story is. Are you a big-dicked top who just wants to fuck? Are you a friendly, affectionate lad open to dating? Are you a rimming pig who loves to knit? Decide what central message you want your ad to tell and then make all the pieces fit, including the headline, photos and descriptions. Another tip: avoid using words like “regular” or “average.” They tend to send a message that you’re boring or not very attractive, like ugly girls who are often described as “nice”. Choose more positive terms such as “down-to-Earth” or “guy next door.”


A friend and I joke about lads who apparently have no friends. I’m talking about those blurry photos taken in the bathroom mirror with a big splotch of light from the reflection of the flash. When you go out to a bar or party, you always want to look your best. But do your photos make you look your best online? If you’re looking to meet high-quality lookers, you should have posted, or have on your hard drive, a few clear, sharp face photos, a nude shot, showing chest, dick and legs, though not necessarily your face, a close up of your dick, and, especially if you’re a bottom, an arse pic. How do you get them? C’mon, it's the 21st century! Ask your best friend and offer to take pics of him too. You could head out to a big field somewhere or just do it in your bedroom. This is not about sex, it’s about having fun and laughing together. Or just negotiate photo-taking with your next online mate.


In case you didn’t know, a term like “no fats or fems” is very offensive. If nothing else, it’s bad karma! But lots of ads have long lists of “no’s,” from “no camp queens” to “no whiners” to “no druggies.” The vibe these negatives give to potential partners is strong and will turn off some great people. That doesn’t mean you can’t explain what you’re looking for, just make it more positive. How about “seeking Asian guys” or “like big dicks” or “height-weight proportionate.” And once you get a response, you can generally check out the other guy’s profile online to see if he meets your standards. Be positive and polite and you’ll get it back and then some.


Yo, dude, how's it hangin. U up 4 sumpin? Unless you’ve just done your GCSE's this is just not acceptable language. The language you use - and the care you take with spelling - define who you are online. Using hip terms and having a flip attitude may be seen by some guys as a defensive posture and will definitely limit your responses. That doesn’t mean you need to write your ad like a thank-you note to grandma. But it does mean you should use full sentences, regular punctuation and decent grammar. And take a minute to run your spell-check. You may even want to set up your e-mail programme so it automatically checks spelling before sending…ya feel me?


It’s generally OK to stretch the truth slightly - adding an inch to your dick size is common enough to be referred to as AOL inches but don’t just out-and-out lie. Stories are rampant about the 21-year-old blonde college boy with a giant dick who turns out to be 55, overweight and sporting a micropenis. The best thing is do is focus on your positive attributes and ignore or move quickly over your negatives. For example, if you have a great face but are out of shape, make sure you have a good face-only pic, and consider putting in your height and weight, but not describing your body type (hey, it could be all muscle!). If you’re concerned about your dick size, or funny hair, just leave those things out. If you’re not very good at a certain sexual technique, just don’t mention it. I’ve met up with guys almost solely because their ads made me smile and laugh and I figured they’d be fun in bed. They may not have had perfect bodies, dicks, faces, etc…but I like the assets they did have.

Happy hunting out there, take care when meeting people for the first time, fix meets in a public place and always tell someone where you're going, and if you see me online, be sure to say hi!

Andy Dill: The Myths of the Porn Industry


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