since the death of the Gay Porn Actor and Producer Timothy Chanaud. The stage name that made him famous was Andy Dill. He was born in Port Washington, New York and performed in more than 25 adult films including "There Goes the Neighborhood," "Packers," "Bustin' Ass," "Gay Dreams 2" and "Face Ryders."

He founded Dill Media, and was vice-president of production for Bear Films where he produced titles including "Bear Voyage 2- Rock the Boat," "My Bear Ass" and "Bears Will be Bears." Andy passed away in San Francisco, California in 2006 after a bout of meningitis.

During the height of his career he talked to OutUK about the myths surrounding his success, and gave us tips on how to word the best online ad to attract the man of your dreams. We'll hear his views on dating next week, but first here's the background to his career.

Ah the simple days, when I was just a porn consumer, enjoying an occasional video with the remote in one hand and, well, something else in my other. Like so many other viewers, I fast-forwarded thorough much of the dialogue (who cares what kind of pizza the guy is delivering) and went directly to the cum shots, maybe stopping along the way for some great fucking or oral.

But working inside the business has changed how I look at porn. It’s an amazing experience to make a porn video (or 20 or so), whether you’re performing on camera, hanging lights, or handing out condoms and lube. You learn so much and get great insight into not only how the industry works, but also how fantasies are created, packaged and sold.

Don’t get me wrong, I love porn. And as a sex-positive gay male, I appreciate the freedom to both create and watch the erotic material of my choice. But I see it differently now: I understand the sweat and hard work that went into each and every scene.

Andy Dill: Porn star, sex worker and counsellor
Friends and complete strangers are always fascinated by my experience and full of questions. And so much of what they believe about the industry is just dead wrong. So here’s a quick list of the biggest myths about the porn world, along with the more prosaic truths.

1. All porn stars have huge dicks

I’m not saying gay men lie about their endowment but, really have you ever taken a tape measure to a guy’s cock? Chances are his claim of 9 inches will evaporate like, well like the missing three inches!

There’s no doubt that some porn stars, like Michael Brandon or Chad Hunt, have giant penises, bigger than most guys or women will ever see in a lifetime. And generally speaking, porn guys have bigger than average dicks. If you do have a tiny cock, you probably won’t want to embarrass yourself in public on thousands of gay men's DVD players.

But the industry today is much more about what you can do with your dick…and about the guy overall. Big cocks are nice, but do you have “the look,” the right attitude, a beautiful body? In fact I can think of a few porn players who have very average dicks but are big stars…and no one’s measuring their dicks!

2. There’s big money in gay porn

Well, how do you define “big money?” If you’re an 18-year-old skaterboy and someone offers you £100 to wank off, you probably feel like you’ve won the lottery.
Porn models are generally paid per “scene” meaning per sexual encounter on video. A scene can take anywhere from a couple hours to a day or even two. For their work, most guys will get from £100 to anything up to £1000 from a major studio.

There are plenty of variables including how hot and in demand you are. And at the top end, an exclusive star can make many thousands for a few scenes.

So how do most porn models survive? Other jobs, from bartending, to flying planes to escorting. Not all porn guys do other “sex work,” but check out their websites and you’ll find many are available for private performances…with happy endings!

Andy Dill stars in Gay Dreams 2

3. Porn stars get paid to have sex

Well, technically they do. But shooting a scene is a lot more complicated and challenging than having what I call “personal sex.” That’s why I like to call porn models “performers” because they are truly giving a performance, creating a sexual fantasy out of lots of hard work.

Imagine if every time you had sex there was a crew of anywhere from two to 10 people watching your every move and listening to your every grunt. Imagine someone telling you how to have sex, and directing you into the most uncomfortable and awkward positions you can imagine. And when you’re exhausted and want a break, you have to keep going. Oh and even though you’re ready to come after about 20 minutes, or an hour or six hours, you’ve got to wait until the director’s covered everything else.

When I hire porn models I explain that this is a job and will be hard work. Now sometimes it hardly seems like work and I have to admit I’ve done scenes where time flew by because I was in rapture with my partner. And rarely has a sex scene been total drudgery. But to rephrase the Navy’s slogan, “It’s not just an adventure, it’s a job.”

4. Drugs, drugs, drugs

– Maybe one of the great misconceptions about the industry is that drugs are everywhere and directors and producers routinely offer crystal, pot, ecstasy or whatever to models, who are almost always loaded on and off camera.

I’d be lying if I said that it’s never happened. And certainly a few years ago, drugs were pretty common. But in my nearly three years in the industry I’ve never seen drugs on the set, with two exceptions: Viagra and poppers. Viagra, or other erectile dysfunction meds, are common at shoots and if a model doesn’t have any, someone will always provide it. Poppers are usually tolerated on the set, especially for the bottom in a hard-core scene.

Having spent three hours once waiting for an off-his-head solo teen to get hard, I can tell you that I’d much rather work with a sober model. They act properly, they look better on camera and they can get and maintain a hard-on. And frankly, if a guy needs drugs to have sex, even sex on camera and in front of an audience, he probably isn’t right for porn and vice versa.

5. Faking it is easy to spot

More than once someone has told me how hot a scene I did was and how it was obvious I was into my scene partner. Obvious, eh? In the same way it’s obvious that an actor playing a killer in the movies is really evil? Without naming names, I’ve done a few scenes with guys I wasn’t into and who weren’t into me. But so far, no one’s seemed to notice.

Porn models are often put together because they look great or have complementary interests. Sometimes they’re put together by default. And for the most part, performers are respectful and polite to each other, no matter whether they’re really “into” the guy or not.

The truth is, porn is made in the editing suite. Of course you have to have good material to work with: If a model is overweight or “out of it” at a shoot, no amount of editing can make him look slim, attractive and alert. But good directing, production and especially editing can really make a scene sparkle. Even if there’s just no spark between the performers.

Andy Dill: Placing an Online Ad

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