First Published: December 2005
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As we approach the end of the year, we've been taking an oh-so-close look at the hottest hunks you'll find at the movies over the coming months, and those whom we couldn't get enough of in 2005. OutUK Hollywood Correspondent Ross van Metzke had the tough job of checking out the man-flesh.

I love this time of year. The studios are all scrambling to put out their best work in anticipation of Oscar nods, stars are getting glammed up to do the talk show circuit and, with any luck, a handful of pics starring hotties hit cinemas for gay men to ogle. It wasn’t too tough to dig up ten studs popping up in a theatre near you in the coming months. Hell, Brokeback Mountain alone got us 1/5 of the way there. Some of these studs have the chops – some of them just look like a damn fine side of meat. Either way, all of them are fit as hell.

Christian Bale Two Christian Bale flicks in one year? Lord, I must have done something very right this year. As if seeing Christian in an extra tight batsuit twice this summer weren’t fantasy enough, in December, he’ll brush up on his British lilt for The New World with another hottie, Colin Farrell. So why aren’t both these boys on the list, you might ask? Well, in trying to share the love across several films, Christian’s just a wee bit hotter than Colin. I mean, come on. Have you seen those abs?
Eric Bana Everyone got all hot and bothered over Brad Pitt in Troy, and admittedly, the man looked amazing. But did you all stop and notice the other buffed stud running around shirtless for most of the movie. Aussie Eric Bana first scored national attention in Black Hawk Down followed by a star-making turn in The Hulk. Now he’s getting serious Oscar buzz for Munich, directed by Steven Spielberg. He can act, that’s great! Now if we can just make certain Steven lets him do most of it without a shirt, everyone will be happy.
Heath Ledger Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard about a little gay cowboy movie called Brokeback Mountain. Well, Heath Ledger is half the reason the movie promises to be so damn hot, and when he’s not introducing Jake to his member by a roaring fire this December, we have a second chance to catch Heath looking mighty fine – he’s playing the world’s most infamous lover in Casanova. So, basically, another pic where we get seduced by this extra hot Aussie. Nice!
Jake Gyllenhaal This guy is just too damn cute. He is looking so damn fine on those posters for Brokeback Mountain, donning chaps and a cowboy hat. If a buffer, more masc Jake Gyllenhaal is more your speed, you can see that right now in theatres – Jake’s pumped, sweaty and running around with a gun in Jarhead, yet another of those sophisticated, Oscar type movies. So with two chances at an Oscar nod this year, Jake gets a prize for not only having the chops but being a damn fine piece of meat too.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers Jonathan Rhys Meyers is one of those guys who has popped up in films for years (you’ve seen him in everything from Velvet Goldmine to Vanity Fair to the television Elvis biopic as the king himself). That chiseled jawline is tough to forget, and his ability to do everything from evil as sin to androgynous is what makes him so damn fine. Next up? A Woody Allen movie people are actually saying good things about. Look for him early next year in Match Point.
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