As we approach the end of the year, we've been taking an oh-so-close look at the hottest hunks you'll find at the movies over the coming months, and those whom we couldn't get enough of in 2005. OutUK Hollywood Correspondent Ross van Metzke had the tough job of checking out the man-flesh.

I love this time of year. The studios are all scrambling to put out their best work in anticipation of Oscar nods, stars are getting glammed up to do the talk show circuit and, with any luck, a handful of pics starring hotties hit cinemas for gay men to ogle. It wasnít too tough to dig up ten studs popping up in a theatre near you in the coming months. Hell, Brokeback Mountain alone got us 1/5 of the way there. Some of these studs have the chops Ė some of them just look like a damn fine side of meat. Either way, all of them are fit as hell.

Kevin Zegers Felicity Huffman is getting a ton of much deserved buzz for this Decemberís TransAmerica, but itís Kevin Zegersí star making performance as her down on his luck hustler son that is the stuff Hollywood success stories are made of. Zegers offers a raw, touching performance, and for folks who just like staring at extra hot guys, breathe a sigh of relief Ė though youíre almost scared to look at this 17-year-old kid naked, the actor is actually 21. Thank God!
Matt Damon I remember the first time I saw Good Will Hunting. Everyoneís focus was on this amazing script by this incredible actor. All I kept thinking was how damn good Matt Damon looked in a pair of tighty-whiteys. Save a memorable scene in The Talented Mr. Ripley, Damon has kept his clothes on for the most part since Hunting, and itís a damn shame. Thankfully, heís got such an amazing smile, such piercing eyes and real acting talent, I can almost overlook the fact heís typically wearing clothes. Look for Matt in November in the scathing oil thriller Syriana.
Paul Walker OK, so admittedly, Paul Walker isnít going to win any Oscarís for delivering a brilliant soliloquy anytime soon. And Iím OK with that, because Paul Walker letís his bod do the acting, and a wise choice that is. This January, Paul is Running Scared as a mob employee paid to dispose of guns after the hit has been carried out. After doing a bit of research, I am pleased to report that once again, you can expect to see Paul without a shirt. Score!
Ryan Reynolds So heís engaged to Alanis Morrisette. I donít hear wedding bells just yet. All I have to say is that lady got damn lucky. Ryan Reynolds was always cute. But along about, oh, Blade III, Ryan went from being cute to being the sort of guy you have wet dreams about in high-school. Armed with a ripped bod and a megawatt smile, Ryan buries it under prosthetic fat for this Decemberís Just Friends. Thankfully, the plot involves Ryan shedding tons of weight midway through, so chances are, weíll see those abs yet again.
Taye Diggs Returning for the film version of the show that made him a Broadway star, Taye Diggs takes to theatres in Rent this month and will surely stand out among his costars. Ever since his big screen debut in How Stella Got Her Grove Back, ladies and gentleman alike have been drooling over Taye. I mean, check out that face. Sheer perfection. The body donít hurt either. This is the sort of guy you could stare at for hours (and he can sing). So buy your ticket, bring a blanket and relax.
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