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Welcome to our interactive quiz. Please answer the following 7 questions and then press "What's My Score"...

1. If you could choose, where would you rather live?
Victorian terrace basement
Church converted into loft apartments
Top floor of council high rise

2. You’ve got £10 left at the end of shopping - what do you spend it on?
A large bouquet or a treat for your pet
Music CD or packet of cigarettes
Broadsheets or glossy mags

3. You have a new pair of pet cats - what do you call them?
Moussaka & Couscous
Crassus & Nero
Cookie & Crumpet

4. The weeds are growing in the garden. Do you…?
Watch them become a feature
Put on your apron and gloves and set to work
Use poison then pave over or make a sand garden

5. Dinner’s out but what do you offer guests to drink?
Shorts and mixers
Californian or Chilean
Italian or French

6. You’re throwing a party. Do you…?
Cook cakes, lay down sheets and lock most rooms
Hire a jukebox, get some Pringles and shout Bring a Bottle
Secretly book catering followed by cleaning

7. Spring cleaning time. Do you…?
Sit back, relax and leave your cleaners some Australian Red
Blubber as you reluctantly chuck out some junk
Pick up, dust and replace… Pick up, dust and replace…

Your Score =

Here are the answers with the most Chintz:

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0% - 10%:
You're the ultimate loft man who likes nothing more than sushi, Armani and a holiday in Laos.
11% - 30%:
You're considering moving from your modern flat into a brand new loft, but where would your Liza Minelli collection go?
31% - 50%:
You're home is likely to be chaotic with more than a few over-dramatic flourishes.
51% - 75%:
There's nothing you like more than a good bitch and your Steps Gold CD.
75% - 99%:
You're a traditional chintzy queen who loves nothing more than to relax with the latest Majesty magazine.
What a stonker of a score! Well done. You are clearly the real Mr Chintz.
What a shame there are no prizes this week!


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