Postcard From London is billed as the first release from James Connor Productions, featuring our agony uncle James Connor and loads and loads of cute, sexy Euro twinks. It's still available from our Shopgay Online Store - so we've been talking to its main star.
Shot on location around the UK`s capital city, Postcard From London has all the elements required for a great movie - cute Euro twinks, massive uncut cocks, outdoor sex, facial cum shots, and dildo action.

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OutUK: You've starred in lots of films before, so why did you decide to start your own label?
I have been working for since they started and have appeared in all three of their movies to date and a lot of people when they watched these movies asked why I didn't have my own studio. I mentioned this to FreshSX one day and as a result they helped me set up James Connor Productions as my own studio using their equipment and studios. So I guess I was lucky with that and the studio is already producing some great movies which is great! I am also happy to have my own studio as I am able to set rules which a lot of studios don't have anymore such as total respect for the models and most importantly always, always, always safe sex. We never film bareback sex scenes for the protection of the models and I do find it scary the number of companies that are now producing bareback films and I do worry about the models too.

OutUK: What do you look for in a performer for one of your movies?
All the guys in James Connor Productions are young sexy cute, twinks and the key to the company is to have fun in a very relaxed atmosphere. I know a lot of the models already as they are my friends and it is much easier to work with guys when you know each other. The company has a very young look to it and apart from the way the guys look they also have to be fun, have a great attitude and enjoy sex! We are very open in the way we work and I think this comes across on screen as well. And I guess the most important thing with James Connor Productions is that all the tops have to be at least 9" and uncut as we only use guys with massive uncut cocks and all the guys who play as bottom have to enjoy being fucked by enormous cocks!

OutUK: Tell us about the guys in the film...
Postcard From London features some of the cutest young twinks around. Mike Stafford stars in 2 scenes in the film and not only has a gorgeous face and great body but also a massive uncut cock! Erin Matthews who stars with me in scene 2 is also very cute and loves to be fucked by massive cocks - we fucked all over the bathroom in this scene! Joey Carter is a bit more naughty and we did a scene outdoors together where he got fucked by me in the park until I couldn't wait any more and shot all over his back. Kyle Martin also stars in the movie and handles Mike's 9" cock perfectly! Luke Howard stars in scene 5 and is so hot! We had a really great day filming this scene and I think we fucked in every position imaginable and boy does he know how to take it. Junior Lee is just absolutely adorable, he still lives with his mum, but don't tell anyone! And he's so, so cute and scene 6 which is with him and myself is very sensual and the perfect ending.

OutUK: You're in almost scene in the film; you must have been well and truly shagged by the end...
Hehe! Well yeah it was a busy schedule making the film and I did do a lot of scenes for it but I love my job and I love making these movies so yeah I was shagged but with a smile on my face! Plus my co-stars were all so damn cute it was just a great experience!

OutUK: Apart from making movies you also of course answer our readers' emails in your Ask James there must be nothing about gay sex that surprises you anymore?
I have been answering the questions each week on OutUK for some time now and I think in that time we have covered almost every topic of sex plus being in porn movies I guess I have had a lot of experience in sex in real life as well! I don't think I am really shocked or surprised by very much at all about sex now, although that doesn't mean that I personally enjoy all kinds of things myself, but by being open minded I have learnt a lot about many different aspects of sex and I hope through Ask James I am able to help other people with problems they have as well. It is really nice to get feedback on Ask James especially when it relates to more serious issues, and if in my own small way I am able to make other people's lives better, then that is great!

OutUK: So where next after Postcard from London?
James Connor Productions is going to continue the 'Postcards' series and the next movie is almost ready for release and is our 'Postcard From Amsterdam' and later this year we will be filming 'Postcard From Berlin' and then making our way around the rest of Europe! And in true James Connor Productions style we will have even more massive cocks fucking cute European twinks!

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