First Published: September 2002
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One day this hippie gets on a bus full of nuns. He sits down next to one nun and tries it on with her. She slaps him and moves to the back of the bus. The hippie went and explained what happened to the bus driver.

Bus Driver: I happen to know that that certain nun gets off the bus every night at 7 o'clock at the cemetery.
Hippie: How is that going to help me get with her?
Bus Driver: Well, you could wait there for her disguised as God. When she gets off the bus, command her to have sex with you.
Hippie: Good idea.
So that night the hippie waited at the cemetery. At 7 o'clock the nun got off the bus.
Hippie: This is God. I command you to have sex with me.
Nun: Alright, but can you do me up the rear so I stay a virgin? The hippie agreed and when he was finished he took off his disguise.
Hippie: Ha ha, I'm the hippie!
Nun: Ha ha, I'm the bus driver!

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