Welcome to the OutUK series looking at gay men and their health brought to you in association with the NHS website.
Each week we'll tackle a different topic in our A to Z of Gay Health. We'll have features and advice on everything from relationships, sexual health, mental and physical conditions and how to stay fit. You can follow any of links provided below for more information direct from the nhs.uk website.
Here are our current and previous A to Z of Gay Health Features:

 AAnal Pain
 BBad Breath
 EEjaculation Problems
 GGippy Tummy
 JJoint Pain
 KKaposi's sarcoma
 NNon Specific Urethritis
 PPremature Ejaculation
 QQuitting Alcohol
 RRed eyes
 SSinusitis (Sinus Infection)
 TTestosterone Deficiency
 WWarts (Genital)
 XXXY Syndrome
 YYour Tight Foreskin (Phimosis)
 ZZits and Acne
 BBinge Eating
 EErectile Dysfunction
 FFood Intolerance
 GGender Dysphoria
 IItchy Bottom
 KKidney Infection
 LLiver Disease
 MMelanoma (Skin Cancer)
 NNail Problems
 PProstate Problems
 QQuit Smoking
 SSemen Worries
 TTesticular Cancer
 UUrine Issues
 WWeight Loss
 YYou Self Harming
 ZZZZ... Trouble Getting to Sleep
 AAthletes Foot
 CCold Sores
 DDry Mouth
 KKnee Pain
 NNon-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
 OObsessive Compulsive Disorder
 PPiles (Haemorrhoids)
 QQualified Therapists
 RRestless Legs Syndrome
 SSciatica & Butt Pain
 TTesticle Swellings
THIS WEEKUUrinary Incontinence

We'll have more information and advice next week on another topic in our A to Z of Gay Health.

If you want to find out more about any subject covered in this series you can visit the NHS website. If you are worried by any aspect of your health make sure you go and see your doctor or book an appointment at your local clinic.

Photos: LightFieldStudios and majesticca.


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