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Attack on America
The gay rugby player who tried to save Flight 93 is honoured, and the reaction to the attack.
Age of Consent
We report on the recently won struggle to give gays equality in the United Kingdom.
Boy meets Boy on Channel 4. Well that's great - but what's new?
Elton and Eminem
The Grammy Awards duet - Just what made Elton do it?
The Waiting Game
Gay Couples required for new TV Quiz show with Paul Merton.
Comedy Camp
Standup Simon Happily with London's first mixed gay and lesbian comedy night.
Boys 2gether
The boy band scene is sent up in a new tv comedy series.
No Johan Paulik
Porn superstar Johan Paulik's live appearance in London is cancelled.
Big Brother Brian
Hunky air steward Brian Dowling is the first ever gay winner Big Brother.
The Equality Show
Tickets are selling fast for Stonewall's annual spectacular gay benefit.
Out For The Count
Take part in the UK's first ever gay and lesbian census.
Latest Low Down
"Very very low" risk of acquiring HIV from oral sex claims latest study.
Section 28 Repeal
The House of Lords finally vote for repeal of hated Section 28.
Disgrace for Tories
Shame on Conservative Ann Widdecombe - Voted the most homophobic MP.
Election 2001
What the parties promised as Tony Blair wins his second term as PM.
Equal at Work
Gay employees will gain new rights when an EU directive becomes UK law.
United Gay Nations
Campaigners from around the world meet to assess the state of gay rights.
Mr Gay UK 2001
Former RAF Airman Carl Austin wins Mr Gay UK 2001 in his home town of Manchester.
Dutch Marriage
With gay marriage now legal in Amsterdam will it happen here?
Partner Petition
Sign the petition to fight discrimination against gay partnerships in the UK.
Partners At Last
38 years together Ian and Alex are first to sign the new London Partnership Register.
Partnership Bill
Relationships (Civ. Reg.) Bill gets passed by the Commons but won't yet become law.
Abuse of Cairo 52
Four more alleged homosexuals arrested in Egypt gay crackdown.
Arab Discrimination
Life for Gay Arabs in America is twice as tough after the September 11th attacks.
Pride Guide 2002
Next year sees the first ever guide to every Pride event in the country...and it's free.
World Aids Day
1 in 5 of those with HIV suffer from discrimination or prejudice in the UK.
Tyson Homophobia
Why media acceptance of Mike Tyson's anti-gay outbursts only encourages homophobia.
Fifty Years A Queen
As the Queen marks her jubilee, do gay men have anything to celebrate?
Kylie's Triumph
Aussie Kylie Minogue and English singer songwriter Dido were winners at the Brits.
Will is Gay!
Pop Idol Will Young has sensationally come out as gay as his single reaches No.1.
Liquid News
BBC Liquid News presenter Christopher Price found dead at his London home.
Pim Fortuyn
Dutch Gay Political Leader Pim Fortuyn shot dead just outside Amsterdam.
Man Not Included
The world’s first online service matching sperm donors with lesbian and single women.
Iraq War
Partners of gay and lesbian service members will receive military pensions and benefits.
Egyptian Journey
An undercover investigation into state harassment of the Egyptian gay community.
AIDS Conference
A full report on this month's World AIDS Conference in Barcelona.
Alan Duncan
A leading Tory frontbencher comes out as gay and calls for tolerance.
Manchester Mardi Gras
The full story of the on-off-on Manchester Mardi Gras 2002.
One Year On
We talk to leading members of the New York gay community a year after the terrorist attacks.
Hero Of Flight 93
A book about Sept 11th victim Mark Bingham shows that heroism knows no sexuality.
Gay Parenting
House of Lords causes a setback in government plans for gay parenting.
Angela Mason
After ten years as Director Angela Mason OBE leaves Stonewall.
More on Adoption
The Nasty side of the Tories revealed again in row over gay adoption.
Gay Adoption Passed
Lords give way to the will of the Commons and pass the Gay Adoption Bill
World AIDS Day
We reflect on the purpose of World AIDS Day as UK faces biggest ever rise in HIV.
FIST f**ked
A campaign's launched to save London fetish night FIST following Police complaints.
Herb Ritts
Gay Photographer Herb Ritts has died at the age of 50.
Stonewall Plans
Stonewall outline their work for gay rights from 2003 on.
Pride In The Park
London's Pride celebrations in July will be in Hyde Park for the first time ever.
Gay Troops No Problem
Research shows serving gay troops did not affect coalition morale or success in Iraq.
The U.S. Supreme Court strikes down Texas law that makes sex a crime for gay people.
Dean 2004
Denocratic US Presidential contender Howard Dean visits a California gay bar.
Legal At Last
Finally gay couples in England and Wales are to get full legal rights and recognition.
Bishop of Reading
Canon Jeffrey John has said he won't take up his job as Bishop of Reading.
Howard Dean
Stars are coming out to endorse Howard Dean as the Democrat to stand against Bush.
Champion Crews
Continuing the nautical theme with the UK's champion gay sailing squad who win again.
Employment Law
From December 2003 it's illegal for employers to discriminate against gay workers.
Corrie Kiss
Coronation Street gets its first ever gay kiss and we have the photos to prove it.
Egypt Arrests Continue
Repression and arrests of gay men in Egypt continue despite international protests.
World AIDS Day
A personal perspective on the individual stories behind the World AIDS Day statistics.
2003 Reviewed
2003 as seen by leading gay campaigners like Peter Tatchell and Richard Kirker.
Equality Guide
Local councils get a guide to legal responsibilities to ensure gay equality.
Partner Register
A new Civil Partnership Bill announced by the government.
Equality 2004
Stonewall's 2004 Equality Walk is held in Brighton during May.
A new Sexual Offences Bill finally repeals Victorian anti-gay sex laws.
The US allows same-sex couples to marry as a Court ruling takes effect.
David Morley Murder
Three teenagers charged with the murder of Admiral Duncan barman David Morley.
Election Aftermath
The gay community in the US reflects on another four years of George W. Bush.
Partner Bill
The Civil Partnership Bill finally passes in Parliament and becomes law.
New Year Honours
The Chairman of the Gay Police Association amongst the honours.
Tsunami Aftermath
Gay men across Asia try to rebuild their life following the devasting tsunami.
Out At Work
Stonewall publish the first index of the 100 most gay-friendly UK employers.
The Pope's Legacy
An Archbishop casts a critical eye over the John Paul II papacy.
LGBT Election 2005
Why Stonewall are urging every gay man in the UK to get out and use his vote wisely.
Doctors' Report
Report finds that most gay patients don't disclose their sexuality to doctors.
Acoustic Erasure
Vince and Andy's new album features some stunning new acoustic makeovers.
Campaign Report
OutUK gets a special briefing on the latest campaigns to further UK gay rights.
Hot For 2007
The hottest and sexiest celebrity men to watch over the next 12 months.
Lord Browne Resigns
Human rights campaigner Peter Tachell writes about BP boss Lord Browne.
Stonewall 2008
Ben Summerskill of Stonewall on new hate crime laws and fresh challenges in 2008.
Stephen Gately
As tributes pour in for the Boyzone singer we remember his early career.
US Gay Marriage
Gay Marriage declared legal across the whole of the USA in a Supreme Court ruling.
50 years legal
50 years of decriminalisation in part of homosexuality in England and Wales.
Gay Britannia
The BBC's season marking the 50th anniversary of The Sexual Offences Act 1967.
Same-Sex Marriage
As bigotry failed again Northern Ireland will have Same-Sex Marriage in 2020.
H M The Queen
How have gay men faired during the 70 year reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
Colorado Shooting
5 people are killed and 25 injured in a shooting at a LGBTQ club in Colorado USA.

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